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Meem Cafe serves middle eastern favorites combined with a rich coffee experience. The cafe offers high quality Chocolate mug, Beef sliders, Lotus Chocolate Molten, their signature Meem tray and the traditional Arabic coffee and a lot more.


The Meem Cafe respects traditional favorites while maintaining modern touches. A brand that inspires our employees who are trained and selected based on their presentation, communicational skills and educational level. Our essence is at the heart of everything we do and say, and it starts here with our identity. The strength of Meem Cafe lies in a concept that is both local and original.

Meem Cafe plans on expanding locally, as well as franchising and partnering internationally. What makes us special you may ask? Our uniqueness, ambience & quality merchandising. Meem Cafe is currently located in 5 different locations, 360 Mall, The View Mall, The Seaview Mall, Hamra Mall and Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre.

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