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Over Jar is a chocolate concept that triggers your five senses in a new and exciting way. The brand offers high quality, melted, pure Belgian chocolate that is a part of most of our dishes. We incorporate uniqueness, creativity, generosity, balance, and showmanship all in one dish, which makes it easily acceptable, regionally. The concept will provide you with a fully interactive dining experience with a well-trained and friendly staff. Our staff is chosen based upon unique personality traits that will take make your “Over Jar” experience “Over the top”. The menu offering is very wide with various options like crepes, waffles, and pancakes. Our beverages menu includes various types of hot chocolate, milkshakes, coffee, cocktails, and hot drinks.

What makes Over Jar special is our creativity, passion, our renewability, team members and their dedication, high spirit, and our love for chocolate. Over Jar is currently located at The View, which launched on the 16th of October, The Avenues since January 2017, and Opera, December 2016.

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