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MMC Catering was founded in 1996 by Mr.Mishari Al-Roudhan with a vision of exploring the world of food art and service. MMC has started their journey in 1998 through their first franchise with Lenotre from Paris. After the success of Lenotre, MMC launched a few more concepts to the industry along with a Central Kitchen and a restaurant complex, CPK and Spoons, respectively. Crimson Garden, Dikakeen, Meem Cafe, Nagwa Boutique & Cafe, Over Jar, and Three & Barista were all launched during the past years, marking the success of MMC. Aside from that, MMC has recently partnered with local Chef Ahmad Al-Bader and came up with a unique dining experience that has launched recently, in December 2016. Dar Hamad, a destination for tourists and Kuwaitis is a restaurant with a Kuwaiti concept that is proudly managed by MMC. The company has also recently partnered up with Abdullah Al-Yaqout , a young Kuwaiti Chef that runs Raw, a unique sushi bar.


MMC aspires to become one of the leading companies in the F & B Industry, providing clients with the most efficient dining experience. In just a decade of existence, MMC Catering has already gone a long way with its proven standard and diversity and will continue to conquer uniqueness and identity.

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